Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Brady Christmas Rhyme '08

It should shock no one that knows us that our wishes our late,
but we have been extremely busy in two thousand and eight.
Our calendar seems to have never a clear date to pick,
even if we do, we always fill it right quick.
Laura expanded her massage clinic hours to include Monday night,
keeping up with the demand of her customers and treat them just right.
This year she became quite the bicyclist usually on tandem with me,
although late in the year she secured a nice used celeste-colored Bianchi.
Next year the rides may be more solo than pair,
as long as she’s riding I have not a care!
Her accomplishments this year on the bike continue to bring me great smiles,
from riding the MS Bike Tour to covering one thousand plus miles!
Austin is now twelve and enjoys playing the sax like his Dad,
We’ve even performed in church together and it makes others glad.
In the past year his maturity and stature has really grown up,
he’s nearly as tall as his mother, no longer a pup.
Marissa is now ten and is a real busy bee,
playing softball and soccer bring her great glee.
She’s showing quite an interest in cycling too,
When it comes to being active, there isn’t much she won’t do.
Carson is now five and Mom thinks it’s way cool,
that all three of our children now are in school.
To have a quarter of his energy we’d all be set for life,
To turn it off at bedtime is the dream of my wife.
Most days of the year the kids follow a bike to school plan,
As we do our best to be an anti-car clan.
We see it as a way of life and it keeps us healthy and fit,
we try to encourage others, but most don’t get it.
In March of this year we went from two to one car,
and traded our van from a Wind to Free-Star.
Most people laugh and say we’ll buy another when kids are of teen age,
We say they can buy their own when they make their own wage.
In closing our Christmas letter we want you to know we are all fine,
Here’s hoping for you and yours, a GREAT two-thousand-nine!


Biking Duluth said...

As my 2 year old says "Ho Ho", she leaves out the third "Ho"... Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Tez said...

Great Christmas letter as always!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Snakebite said...

Nice, but....

....don't quite your day job!