Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Brady Rhyme of Two Thousand and Nine

We are getting the Brady Family Christmas wishes in just in time,
It was a whirlwind tour in two thousand and nine.
President of one organization and VP of another does show,
Kevin still lacks the inability to utter the word “no”.
Throw in church activities, bicycle riding, Coyote games, and family time,
You’re lucky that he has time to write you this rhyme!
Laura is busy too with massages, being Mom and taxi to three tykes,
Of course when it’s nice, she makes them ride bikes.
She is still riding bikes when she can break free,
Either solo on her bike or on the tandem with me.
Marissa’s interest in riding long distances is growing quite nifty,
Her goal for next year is to join her Dad on the MS One-Fifty.
On the clarinet you can now oft hear her play,
She’s really quite good, getting better each day!
She’s now eleven years old, going on twenty-one,
and tortures her mother, I swear, just for fun.
We really had to talk to her and raise quite a fuss,
when one of her grades was not an A plus.
Austin can be seen on any given night,
basking in the glow of the computer monitors light.
I hope this fancy on which much time he doth spend
leads to a career in which he can always depend.
He’s now thirteen and growing quite tall,
now taller than Laura – no longer small.
He does understand, even with his tall size,
Mom is still boss, and this thinking is wise.
Carson, now six, is also wise beyond his years.
The problem for us is that he doesn’t have fears.
It’s hard to find him awake at a time that when
his speed (and his volume) is not turned up to ten.
With a few days to go till the end of two thousand and nine,
No emergency room visits have we had, not one single time!
We’ve become quite accustomed for his need for speed,
and his ability to crash, and then roll, and then bleed.
Regardless of how crazy was this year of oh-nine,
the Brady’s are plugging away and doing just fine.
We look forward to what the Lord brings in the two thousand ten year,
Plunging right in to it without any fear.
From our crazy world that we spread forth our light,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a night!

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