Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brady Christmas Rhyme of 2010

There’s not much time before Christmas and with lots on our plate,
I must write this greeting before it’s too late!
So here is our electronic message to make you all glad,
Unless you are stuck without internet, and that would be sad.
Our youngest is now seven, and he’s awfully busy,
By the end of the day, Mom and I oft feel quite dizzy.
It’s been a rough year for Carson and he’s often in pain,
Teeth have been lost and stitches been gained.
Snoozing is the only time you won’t hear a peep,
Except for those nights he talks in his sleep.
Marissa at twelve found it quite nifty
That she was finally old enough for the MS One-Fifty.
As she trained real hard on the back of the tandem bike,
It was the miles of bonding that Dad sure did like.
One night Laura texted me while buying shoes for our teen,
Austin is now moved from shoes to skis as he hit size thirteen!
At fourteen years old, he’s around two inches shy,
Of being eye to eye with his Dad and soon shoot right by.
For Mom and Dad this year the word water draws a shiver,
As not once, but twice, our basement resembled a river.
When not working on making the basement back to a livable space,
We seem to run kids all over the place.
Bicycle advocacy efforts are still heavy on my plate,
As I currently serve as President of our local club and the Coalition of the state.
From sunrise to set my day’s always full and busy as heck,
Meanwhile Laura has been keeping our household in check.
I’m still at the U and Laura is still the best massage therapist around,
Make your appointment early when you know you’ll be in town!
If it’s been awhile since we’ve seen your smiling face,
Drop us a line and we’ll meet at your or our place.
That’s about all we have to say that you’d want to hear,
So have a great Christmas and an awesome New Year!

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