Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Brady Christmas Rhyme

As sure as I’m almost positive that my name is Kevin,
I bring you our abbreviated news from two thousand eleven.
A crazy tradition that was started in a far distant past,
This is not my first rhyming Christmas letter nor be it my last.
Let’s make this letter crazy and stir things around,
Instead of bottom up, let’s go from top down.
It’s been an interesting year for the Dad of this place,
busy and crazy, but filled with God’s grace.
From biking to work stuff, to church happenings and more,
it seems nary a day could be considered a bore.
Bicycling this year was again good, and before I forget and further digress,
I lost a fundraising wager on the MS150 and donned me a dress.
Okay, it wasn’t a dress but merely a skirt,
But I did receive some catcalls and a couple of flirts.
It’s time to move on to the story of the boss of the house if I may,
Laura is God’s gift to me and our household in every way.
She keeps us all going in every direction known to man,
Making sure that we get where we should be as best that she can.
Busy giving massages all day where many agree she’s the best,
With ten magic fingers with which she’s been blessed.
Austin is fifteen, a sophomore and is nearly as big and tall as his Dad,
which during our remodeling and moving of stuff makes him a quite helpful lad.
He definitely seems to be taking a liking to all things of great geeking,
from computers to gaming systems his interest doth be piquing.
Here’s hoping his love of all these things that cause him interest each day,
bring him a career that can turn that love into pay!
Marissa is thirteen, an eight grader with more interests than time,
her writing talents are awesome (hey she should be doing this rhyme!).
Another hobby is photography with which she has a great eye to set apart,
most things we take for granted around us, to her becomes great art.
You never know from one moment to the next what will excite this girl,
but there is little in life she will not chance to give a whirl.
Eight years old, in third grade, and moving from morn until night,
Carson’s a blur of a child that entertains everyone in sight.
He’s into baseball, biking riding, basketball and more,
there’s always something that awaits out the door.
I’m told the greatest curse is to have a kid who behaves like you did throughout life,
and now I’m reminded “He acts just like you” or so I’m told my wife.
On a sad note, this year we had to put down our dog Buddy of fifteen years,
It was an incredibly hard time, and we shed many tears.
After grieving awhile the void he left was driving us crazy,
so away to the pound the family went, coming home with our Daisy.
Our home is as chaotic as it’s ever been, and there isn’t a day,
that’d I’d change a thing, not in one little way.
You may find our lives may be crazy, but it causes us no pain,
for we are not crazy, you’re just overly sane!
If you’re not smiling by the end of this letter,
take two of these and I hope you feel better!
May God bless and keep you all the year through,
and know that we’re proof that He loves us all too.

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