Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Greatest Gift Yet

Okay, so Christmas Presents are for the kids mainly. For the past 3-4-5 years (I can't remember when we started this), my wife and I decided to stop giving each other gifts. Of course, I still do being the difficult turd I am. You really think one of these years she would catch on! The last couple of years I have focused on gifts we both could use. This year however, I think was the best yet, even though it was simple enough.

You see, we love to give and receive massages, but we usually are not in all that comfortable of a position to give or receive massages so the benefits are pretty minimal. So on a whim I talked to a friend about getting a massage table. She had purchased one when she was in Massage Therapy School so I took her advice and got a good one (Earthlite Harmony 3 if you are interested). Giving and receiving massages (although we have only done one apiece) is much more comfortable and relaxing and my day today has been with much more relaxed muscles. That's saying quite a bit for those who know how bad my back can be! Do with this information as you wish, but if you are married, boyfriend/girlfriend, or whatever, I'd HIGHLY suggest a massage table (and good oils, mood music, candles), as I'm sure you will never regret it!

For Cyclist and Joggers, most of you know what a good massage feels like. Imagine it more often! BUT, don't be a jerk, you must also give and not just receive.

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bikingbradyswife said...

we stopped giving Christmas presents to each other when we had kids. Mostly because at the time we didn't have much money. I don't buy gifts for Kevin because he is next to impossible to buy for. If he wants something he goes and gets it. Not to mention I don't really have a job outside of the home so I would be using his money to buy his Christmas present!!! kind of ruins it don't ha think