Thursday, April 27, 2006

They All Sound Like Excuses To Me!

The Volante didn't print a paper last week due to Easter break.  This gave them extra time to receive at least five known Letters to the Editor about their abhorrent article about cyclists.  Of course, they printed none.  Some of our members are pushing further to see why none were printed and the answer was "they ran out of space".  Well, that may be since we tried our best to push them over their USD email quota.  I personally think they were hoping that things would blow over.  Little did they know that they have now incited the cycling community even further although I'm beginning to question if they really care.  Eric definitely has the best arguement when he says that this was not written as an editorial, but as part of the Verve section of the paper.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out and I'm sure I'll blog more about it later.  I need to catch up on some other blogging as well, but this has consumed my life as of late.

As I was looking up things for my Letter to the Editor, I ran across the quote below that seems to say many of my own thoughts about this article.  It is now my tagline on my email :-)

"It should be the judgment of each cyclist as to which road to use or not use.  If appropriate and useful alternatives are available, then cyclists will use them.  However, these attempts to restrict cyclists without providing a free choice are simply attempts to deny our right to free travel based on the bigoted notion that people who drive automobiles have superior rights.  Our society needs to get past prejudice, recognize the healthy lifestyle that cycling offers, and make the improvements to our roads and highways that are necessary." -  Ken Kifer (

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