Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Proud Husband

Many times in my life I've been proud of my wife Laura. In so many ways she is more than just my wife. She's also an inspiration and a hero.

Laura was never real athletic growing up or early in our married life. She was very content driving from town to town during bike tours, picking me up in the middle of nowhere when I would have a mechanical failure, and coming and hanging with all my cycling friends.

That all changed two years ago when I hatched an evil plan on the way back from the finish of the Tour de Kota. I talked Laura into test driving a Cannondale tandem at Spoke-n-Sport in Sioux Falls (shameless plug, I expect much love from The Owner for this). It was a couple of short trips around town (and a lunch at Famous Dave's) we were on our way home with a tandem in the back of the minivan.

Laura went from a VERY casual rider to doing the Multiple Sclerosis bike tour (all 150 miles) the next year. I was so proud of her accomplishment of completing this goal, and trust me, the weather was less than stellar for the tour. During our summer of training, Laura told me that she could never imagine riding by herself because of how much she loved being on the tandem.

Then there was "the garage sale" and Laura getting an awesome Bianchi for a great price. A few test drives around town later and that long winded lead in of an introduction leads me to today's proud husband moment:

Laura's First Solo Road Bike Ride!

We rode a little over 16 miles to Spirit Mound and back. She did very well for her first ride. She said her legs were a little sore, but that will get better as she gets more consistent with her riding. I could have done a variety of rides tonight: I chose the right one. I'm not sure which one of us is prouder about her solo ride. I do know that it's not the last. She's getting it figured out. She's going to do nothing but get better.


Briman said...

Way to go, Laura!

It's trickier to manage your camera and cockpit at the same time!

Bryan said...

Awesome. Congrats Laura. I've never ridden tandem so I don't know what it's like. It's cool though that your whole family is involved though. I'd love to be able to get my wife involved at some point.

Anonymous said...

You rock Laura!
Welcome to the world of the nearly sane!

DIRK said...

Great job Laura! If your legs are sore I know someone that could give you a good massage... OOPS, that's you.

Is there a tandem for sale now?