Wednesday, September 02, 2009

South Dakota Bicycle Maps

Since our recent Warm Showers hosting, I've had something that keeps popping into my thoughts so I need to get it out here: We South Dakotans need to pool together to build an network of bike maps. I've tried to accomplish this to a degree by starting a second blog named "South Dakota By Bike" and begged some of you to pitch in and help me with some local routes. Your enthusiasm for my little project, for lack of a better term, sucks.

More than just loop rides, I'd really like to get are various "how to best get across state" maps. I was helping our Warm Showers guests try to figure out a way to cross the state and once I hit near Winner, I was at a loss. I actually ended up sending them down into Nebraska because I know those roads better from years of BRAN. As an advocate of bicycling in South Dakota that makes me a little sick to my stomach. I want to show off MY state, but I don't know the roads West River very well.

So, my plea is to get some help with the best routes to get all the way across the state East to West, and even some South to North routes. I know it's not possible in all cases, but I'd love to see the nice quiet back country roads as well. So, in no particular order, I'd like:

* East to West routes (maybe a bottom, middle, and top of the state)
* South to North routes (maybe five - six routes)
* A list of places to stay in various towns along the routes, including camping, hotels, and potential host families for a touring cyclist.
* A list of any historical facts along each of the routes that people could potentially visit as a break from biking.

My long term goal would be the creation of all these routes and facts in a foldable map similar to any other state map to be given out at to all interested bicyclists. I think I may have to approach the Department of Tourism and get the South Dakota Bicycle Coalition on board with this.


FunkyMama said...

ahem ... a certain org we both know should be of use. post something on fb ... send an update to fans?? lets get it going??

re: west river routes. old hwy 16, local traffic, quiet, no shoulder ... follows i-90 from reliance west to ? at least kadoka? b/w chamberlain & reliance - it's only i-90 or gravel. :(

west of winner is pretty quiet and open; i'd have gone north to follow 16 along i-90. tourist traffic has slowed and towns are 10-15 miles apart.

thats my 3 cents as a west river girl :)

The Designer's Prospective said...

im also at a loss for west river biking. i've done alot around the black hills, but nothing that travels west to east other than the gut check of course.

i'll start doing some research to help out. i'm sure we can get something.