Monday, October 25, 2010

Where Did He Go?

Even some of my non-bicycling friends has wondered what has been going on and why I haven't been blogging. I do admit that some of it has to deal with being able to "micro blog" via Facebook, but it's time to give all three of my readers what they want: What's going on inside that twisted mind!

This post is going to be in outline format just to get you up to speed.

I. Bicycling
   A. MS 150
    1. Completed w/ 12 yr old daughter on Tandem. Very proud Dad.
  B. Other
     1. Had injury (see II) so had to back way off.
  C. Schnoctobeerfest
    1. First road ride in two months due to injury. Did decent, but not 100% yet.
      a. My "Cannibal" Belgium Ale homebrew took home top honors in the beer judging.

II. Injury
   A. Small fracture to the medial malleolus (ankle)
    1. How?
      a. Unsure - possible roll of the ankle playing with dog in March.
  2. Duration?
    a. Ankle had mild to severe pain from March on.
   3. Why did I wait so long to have it looked at?
    a. See I-A above. Sometimes a Father's love means taking one for the team.
   4. How is it now?
     a. 4 out of 5 stars
       1. Beginning to think the diagnosis of possible slight arthritis in ankle is real as some days it takes some coaxing to get moving.

III. Why haven't you blogged?
  A. Depression/Not Motivated
     1. Unable to bike even close to what I normally bike put me in a bad funk.
    2. I blog (usually) about biking, and I just wasn't biking.
   B. The Great Flood of 2010
     1. Have spent much of the late spring/summer fixing the wrath of mother nature. Two separate basement floods equals much work to be done.

IV. What's next
  A. More blogging. I promise this time.


Briman said...

You had plenty to say at Schnoctobeerfest 2010 until this happened:

rigtenzin said...

I had an ankle injury that prevented me from riding for many months. I found out that my blog is about riding and during the layoff from riding, I didn't blog much. The injury seems to have heeled and I'm blogging again. All this to say, I understand.

MSDos5 said...

We had alot of water damage too.