Thursday, March 05, 2015

Happy Bike To Work Anniversary

Today marks the end of year eight of consecutive biking to work days/years.  Two thousand one hundred twenty seven consecutive work days to be exact.  It has become such a habit that I can't imagine actually driving to work, or nearly anywhere.  My bicycle can be used to handle at least 90% of my local chores.  Why would I drive? 

Why I Bike Versus Driving to Work:

1.  Parking - Parking at USD is totally nuts.  If you buy a parking pass or not, parking is a huge mess.  My parking spot in the bike rack is rarely taken and I'm about 10 steps from the front door.  Yearly gas savings - no idea.  Yearly parking/"hunting" pass - $126.  Biking for the win.

2. Small to Mid-Sized Errands - From the farthest reaches of Vermillion to any potential shopping/grocery is three miles (one way) at best.  Vermillion is as flat as a pancake and easy to bike.  Burley flatbed trailer purchased many years ago - $200.  Gas savings - immense.  Biking for the win.

3. Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles - People often ask me "why" I do it.  Besides the above mentioned, it keeps me healthy and feeling young.  It also gives me the ability to encourage others to try it, at least on occasion.  I don't mind being 'that crazy guy on a bike' if he helps others realize that they too could reap the health benefits.   Biking for the win.

4. Cost - Duh, like I have to explain this one.  Biking for the win.

Bike on.  Seriously - Bike on.

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