Friday, May 26, 2006

Catching Up...

Wow, people really do read my crazy ramblings once in awhile. People have actually asked me what is happening because I haven't posted lately. Well, it's call "home improvement". Slowly, very slowly, the family room in the basement is seeing it's way to completion. Sheetrock is up and let the finishing work begin (oh joy).

So, let me lay out this challenge to those who say they read my blog. First one who posts a comment gets a lunch date with me :-).

I will post more shortly on the last couple weeks happenings which include: 5 new baby kittens born, USD Winning the NCC Men's and Women's track titles, and school is out for the summer (much to my wife's chagrin).


Sina said...

A free lunch would be great!!!! Do I have to come to Vermillion? or are you coming to Mitchell. Maybe halfway...iS Outback open at noon?
Email pictures of your family room so we can see the progress.

Anonymous said...

I missed the first comment - but that doesn't mean we can't do lunch some time. Let me know what date works next week for you? (June 5th - June 9th) MV here we come!

Steph H.