Monday, May 08, 2006

Kerry Hacecky's "Going Away" Article

Kerry Hacecky wrote a going away piece for the Volante in which she made reference to the plethora (yes, I know what a plethora is for you Three Amigos! fans) of emails received from cyclists across the nation so kudos to all of you who wrote in!


"In fact, professors have started encouraging me to consider law school.  No teacher has ever thought I was smart before, so I can only attribute this change to them picturing me in a job interview and laughing heartily.


But, that degree would be another four years away and I've got bicyclists who want to run me over.  Sticking around could be dangerous to my health."


Personally I would rather see her get on the bike and become one of us. Then I may be in a little more forgiving mood.

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Sina said...

Maybe you could write to her and make that suggestion.