Friday, February 10, 2006

Down Goes Brady! Down Goes Brady!

It snowed yesterday, not much mind you, but it snowed. Then, it melted. Then, it froze.

I was leaving for work this morning at the same time as Marissa was heading across the street to catch a ride to school with the neighbor. Backpack on, helmet secured on my noggin, and away I go. I glanced at Marissa to see if she was going to run across the street in front of me. When I realized that she was not going to, I rolled down the driveway onto the street and took the left turn heading towards work when it happened so fast I can't even describe it without hearing Howard Cosell's immortal words "Down goes Fraiser (insert Brady here)". Not only did I go down but I slid a good ten feet on the slick surface. Marissa had a slightly terrified look on her face when she asked "Are you okay Daddy?" Whether I was or not, the words "yes" came out and I got up and carefully went on my way. There is definitely going to be some cool coloring on my leg in a day or so from where the metal grips of my pedal bit me.

Here's to the first dumping of the bike in 2006!

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