Monday, February 13, 2006

Fun Times at the VA Hospital

I was in Sioux Falls for my annual VA Checkup. I went in early to get my blood drawn before doing some work for USD Nursing at the USDSU/Southeast Tech Campus. I was quietly reading away when a couple of Vets from a different war generation from mine started talking about how wars were different now, weapons different, George Bush is a *expletive* for getting us into this mess, etc. I was quietly hiding my smile of agreement and thought about jumping into their conversation, when all at once there seemed to be a bustle around me. I looked up and South Dakota Senator John Thune had entered the building with an entourage that was obviously setting up for a press opportunity of some sort. That set my new found benchmates into a whole new tizzy but I got called for my blood draw at that time. Needless to say, I think Thune picked the wrong time to come and try to "make nice" with some of the Vets that were sitting close to me. Seems they don't like guys who say they will take care of Veterans but not vote to fund their health benefits. Wrong crowd, wrong time, Mr. Thune.

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