Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me....

...and my brother....and my brother's niece (and Jeremy Johnson from Yankton!) more year to the big Four-Oh! Which pales in comparison to the fact that my brother turned 50 today. Kim (brother's niece) turned 28 today: That's right we are all 11 years apart in some weird twist of fate.

My brother has to be one of the "youngest" fifty year olds you will ever meet. He knows the words to about ever rock song out there today and is still as active has his body will let him be. If I could only get him into cycling I think he would love it, but the hours in his day are a little more limited than mine with owning the Pub on top of being a mechanic all day. It would be awesome to get him out there though. So if you happen to read this big bro...think about it :-)

We are planning to head up to the Pub tonight with my other bother as well to the "World Famous" Irish Pub Friday Night Fish Fry. Of course, there is also that chance that we will be partaking our version of American Idol with the Pub's Karaoke system. If that doesn't scare everybody away, nothing will. At any rate, it will be fun to be together with the fam...eatin' fish!

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