Tuesday, March 07, 2006

USD March 2006 Employee of the Month

Today at work I was named University of South Dakota March 2006 Employee of the Month. A pretty neat honor if I do say so myself. The ladies at the Physicians Assistant program put me in for the honor which now endears me to them even more than the fact they make my coffee every morning! There was a great showing of fellow employees at the reception which was really cool. I'll update later with a link to the USD website story when they post it.

I also put my EOM Parking Spot up for sell on eBay since I REALLY don't need a parking spot for my bike (99% of the time). For as long as the link lasts, the EOM parking spot on eBay can be found by clicking here. I put it on eBay as a way to raise funds for the Welcome Table here in Vermillion.

UPDATE: The EOM parking permit went for $30. The Welcome Table will be most pleased with the donation! Thanks Wendy and Janet!

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