Saturday, March 11, 2006

There are Challenges and then there are CHALLENGES

I fathom myself as being in pretty good shape. Even as I approach 39 I still like to compete (within my limits) and like to push things to the limit on occasion. But, when does a challenge become more than just a challenge? I made the comment to my friend Joe that we really need to get a 200 mile bicycle ride in this summer. To make it easier, I even made the comment, we should pick a wind-aided 200 mile one way ride. Then, in came an email from my friend Melissa about a charity ride/race across South Dakota.

A charity RACE? Okay, I'll exciting could a charity race be? Well, it's a ride/race so you don't HAVE to race it. I know what you are thinking: Yeah right..ME NOT actually RACE given the opportunity. This time, I truly don't think I would race for the simple fact that I am not even sure how to train for something like this. I'm all about giving this a shot, but race, I don't think so. Oh yeah, I suppose I should give you details after all this mystery.

Website: Hwy 212 "Gut Check" - Endurance Race Across South Dakota

The reason for this race is to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. For information regarding these diseases please visit the “Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America” website: The CCFA is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization.

Start: Hwy 212 @ SD/WY border Finish: Hwy 212 @ SD/MN border

Start time: Friday August 18th @ 4 p.m. MT Cut Off: Sunday Aug. 20th @ 5 p.m. CT

Distance: 412 miles Time Limit: 48 hours

Relay Information:

2 Person Relay: Exchange in Gettysburg

Rider 1: SD/WY Border to Gettysburg = 226 miles
Rider 2: Gettysburg to SD/MN Border 186 miles

4 Person Relay:
Exchange 1: Faith Rider 1: SD/WY Border to Faith = 113 miles
Exchange 2: Gettysburg Rider 2: Faith to Gettysburg = 112 miles
Exchange 3: Redfield Rider 3: Gettysburg to Redfield = 81 miles
Rider 4: Redfield to SD/MN Border = 106 miles

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about attempting this challenge. I'm not so fond about the fact that it is completely unsupported except for personal SAGs. I would really love to support an effort for a ride/race like this, but then there is the whole "personal safety" issue.

I don't often ask for comments on my posts, but I need to know if Joe and I (sorry Joe, had to include you on this one) are sane for thinking about doing 412 miles in 48 hours.

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