Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Things that make you go....DUH

Okay, I don't talk about work, and officially I'm not talking about my main job with this post. I will tell you that I do some contract work on the side from time to time. Well, this is where my story begins.

I was asked to do some consulting, and step one already has me scratching my head. I can't (read: don't want to) get in to details, but the Reader's Digest version of my first day of consulting was this: Drove 235 miles, attended a 1/2 hour meeting, drove 235 miles back. Makes perfect sense to me, how about you?

Oh, you want to know what the meeting was about? Here was my portion of the meeting: "Do you have 6 people who are qualified to run this particular computer/program?" "Yes." "Great, we will order them for you!" If you think I'm full of crap, I'd love to tell you that you are right, but that is exactly what I drove 470 miles for. Something that could have happened in TWO emails tops. So, I scratch my head, get the computers ordered, and collect my consulting fee. God Bless America...

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