Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weekly Time Trials

After a slow, nobody-seems-to-care, start to the biking year, the club started time trials last Wednesday due to high demand. I have trouble making it due to ball games with the kids, but I did manage to make it out tonight. I haven't been feeling the greatest lately with some stomach-type issues, but it sure didn't seem to matter as I ran one of my top times ever covering the 10 mile out-and-back course in 25:26. I was quite pleased for my first effort. Maybe it was the Sobe No Fear that I drank prior to the trial. At any rate, I think I will retire for the year as I set the standard pretty high!

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Double-Barreled said...

Not bad - a better than 20 mph average? I assume you BIKED it instead of RAN it. A 2.5 minute mile would be pretty spactacular, even for you.