Friday, October 27, 2006

Cell Phones and iPods

I'm going crazy and maybe feeling a little old at the same time. I happened to be walking across campus when students were between classes. Simply amazed at the number of people on cell phones or listening to iPods I took an informal count.

I used the next 17 people I seen as I walked across campus in my "study". It was actually 19, but I removed two girls who were talking to each other. 17 people, by themselves, and here are the results:

14 of 17 were either talking on their cell phone or had their iPod jammed in their ears. They can't even walk across campus or between class without one or the other. The three "odd balls" that was "technologically impaired" probably feel left out or maybe they were non traditional students that are older like me!

Someday maybe they will enjoy periods of uninterrupted silence instead of constant chaos and noise.

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Anonymous said...

I think you need to add the number of smokers you count to.