Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cycling in the Rain

Okay, so I've been lazy about posting as of late. Sunday we went on our "Fall Colors Ride" that has become an annual outing to enjoy some nice mountain biking on the Nebraska side of the river. We had responses from about 10-12 people excited to ride, which excited me too, because usually there are 4-5 of us on this ride is all.

Then it happened...as I walked out of church, it was sprinkling. We still had an hour and a half before the ride so it had plenty of time to quit. Well, on the contrary, it had plenty of time to POUR DOWN. When the THREE of us left on our ride, it was cold, raining a decent amount, and I think we all wondered how crazy we really were. Once we got going, it wasn't that bad and we had a really good time. As a means of sassing those who didn't ride, I emailed the following account to the rest of the Lanehogs Listserv.

It was a dark, dreary, rainy afternoon which made it the perfect afternoon to plan out attack into enemy territory (Nebraska). Craig DeVelder, Cindy Lavin and I met at the latest safehouse (Latte Da) to formulate an attack plan. We decided to attack at 1334 hours on a Sunday afternoon. The rain cover made it easy for us to hide on our way to meet the enemy. Once across the bridge we knew we were closer to the enemy so we took a path less traveled (Turkey Creek Road). A north wind helped us make time to our rendevoux point (Newcastle). Once there, we found our safehouse behind enemy lines (Marron's Service) and we refueled quickly. After a short break half our mission was over and we headed back to the home base, this time via the main convoy route (Highway 12). That's when it happened, we came under enemy attack! It was only a couple miles outside of Newcastle when I heard a noise and it got louder and louder. A bullet (apparently my brakes) had ripped the sidewall of my tire and into my tube. I had to call recon (Laura) to come and get me. Being the brave soul she is, she too came across enemy lines to save this soldiers life. I am happy to report that Craig and Cindy made it back to home base without further incident however.

Doesn't this make for better reading than saying that the three of us REALLY had a blast riding on a wet, cool day? Yeah, we were a bit wet and cold, but it was a lot of fun and something none of us will forget anytime soon! You all missed a great ride!


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Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...

Thanks for sharing this amusing adventure with a guy who just, um, stumbled in. ;-D