Friday, January 12, 2007

Lane Hogs Serve The Welcome Table

You know what I truly love about being a member of The Lane Hogs Cycling Club here in Vermillion? I love their willingness to help others. Any follower of the Lane Hogs know our dedication to the MS Bike Tour to help stamp out Multiple Sclerosis. This is without a doubt our "pet" charity and for the most part the only one that our group as a whole had supported...until now.

I threw out an email to the group a while back asking if they would be willing to serve at The Welcome Table, which is a free meal to anybody who wants to come and join in. The response was great! We had plenty of people willing to serve or donate to make the meal.

We made chili, which is never a bad idea in January in South Dakota, and many people also made desserts which worked out great. According to head counts, we served 141 people and it was a busy but awesome time. All agreed that it was a very rewarding experience and I couldn't have been prouder to be a Lane Hog than when the night was over.

The Lane Hogs will have many rides in the future, some which will undoubtedly bring memories that will last a lifetime. While we need those fond memories, I don't foresee any memories meaning more to me than the benevolent work that we did together. Helping feed those in need of a meal or helping finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, or whatever good reason we find to put our talents to use, I will always be proud of our cyclists.

Thanks to ALL who helped in any part with this endeavor, whether you live in Vermillion, Wakonda, Beresford, or Sioux Falls. I hope you know what it means to me and I hope that it meant something for you as well.

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