Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carson's Birthday

A week ago today (okay okay, I'm a bad blogger and need to be in a certain mood to blog) Carson turned three and I took a day off from work to just "be Dad" which was a blast. Let's recap the days events shall we? What? No? Too blog...

When Carson woke up and I finished my morning Latte (NOTHING happens before the morning Latte!) we hooked up the bike trailer and biked out to Hy-Vee for a killer breakfast of French Toast and a big iced cinnamon roll. Carson was a sticky mess, but he was having the time of his life. We came back and opened up one present which was a t-ball set. He was in heaven for the next hour swinging away. Then we went downtown with Austin and Marissa to Vermillion's Crazy Day's which never really materialized. It basically ended up being the Vermillion Theatre having a sale of old movies and games. Austin got a game and then we went for lunch at McDonalds with all four of us. Happy meals all the way around! After a long, relaxing lunch, it was off to the park and the new playground equipment. By now, the temperature was getting pretty balmy and the swimming pool was looking like a MUCH better idea than the playground equipment, but this was Carson's day and HE wanted the PLAYGROUND. We played and played until it was quite obvious that Carson was beyond need of a nap, so we went home.

While Carson got a nap, I got a quick 30 mile bike ride in with some of the club riders. When we got back, we all went out to Dairy Queen to top off Carson's big day with some ice cream. Then, after playing until well after dark, it was off to bed for Carson. I must say, there was no argument from Carson and he was asleep in no time. Below are some pictures of the day!

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