Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Near Brush With Manslaughter Charges

Okay, this was BY FAR the most bizarre thing that has happened to me in my 9 plus years on the job. I had a very nice sweet lady who has been having troubles with her mouse. I had cleaned it a few different times, but it was simply giving up the ghost so I brought her a new one.

This is where the story takes a BIZARRE turn....They had received nice new office furniture last year and it is heavy, high quality stuff. Well, this is a "section" off a much bigger desk and doesn't have a hole for all the computer cords to go through so I had to put the cords behind and run them underneath the desk. PROBLEM: The desk goes all the way to the ground so you have to "lift" it ever so slightly to get the PS/2 cord of the mouse under the desk.

As mentioned, this is a HEAVY desk WITH a book case on top that isn't fastened on. Yeah, you are beginning to get the picture. I lifted, she got underneath the desk to grab the cord and lift slightly as well. All of a sudden I heard a movement and realized that the bookcase was about to come crashing to the ground. I grabbed with all my might and all I could see was her legs sticking out. I yelled, and instinctively stuck my leg out to "buffer" the blow that was about to happen. NOT TO MENTION, there was somebody else in the direct path of this falling monstrosity.

Apparently between me grabbing what I could and pushing it out of the way, it hitting my leg instead of crushing hers, and some awesome quick movement from her office mate, we ALL SURVIVED with no injuries. Let's just say that HE was looking out for all of us yesterday as there is no feasible way that all of us simply walked away from that uninjured. I thank my friends for their great sense of humor/relief and I thank God for watching out for us!

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