Saturday, December 23, 2006

2007 Fitness Goals

1. Goal: Ride 7500 miles in 2007 – Stretch Goal: 10,000 miles. This includes ALL miles, commuting, stationary, spin class, and training. I teach a 40 minute spin class and I’m going to count that as 10 miles. I don’t think that anybody in my class would argue that it’s at LEAST that much.

2. Ride the SD Gut Check – Stretch Goal: FINISH. I’ve never completed 200 miles in one day let alone 412 in 48 hours, so I realize this will take a different approach to my normal training.

3. Weight: 190 lbs by June – Stretch Goal: 180. The stretch is definitely a stretch for somebody who has been 200+ for quite some time. At the height of my chubbiness I was 230 pounds but due to a much better diet and learning when to put the fork down, I’ve hovered around 210 for awhile.

4. Improve time on 14 mile Intramural Course to sub 36 – Stretch Goal: Win Intramural Race in the process! – My four year reign as individual champion came to an end last year and I’d like to regain the title at age 40. Cycling against “kids” under half my age can make that quite the challenge as I found out last year. 14 miles @ sub 36 would only take a 23.3 average speed, but there are rolls in this course that you will definitely feel towards the end.

5. Improve 10 mile TT time to Sub-25 minutes – Stretch Goal: Sub-24 minutes The average to break Sub-25 on the out and back time trial (turn around in the middle) is a healthy 24mph average—to break 24 would take 25mph average. To do this I see two things that have to happen: my weight has to drop and I have to have a fairly calm wind day.

6. Have 30 riders on Team Road Kill for the MS Bike Tour – Stretch Goal: 40 – Last year we had 23 riders and raised over $14,000 between the Sioux Falls and the Black Hills WRATH rides. I would love to see that climb to 30-40 riders and close to $20,000 raised to help find a cure for this dreadful disease. If you are reading this and would like to join our awesome team on this ride, let me know!

7. Ride Tour de Kota - Stretch goal: Ride from Watertown to Vermillion on Day 7 - Day seven doesn't currently exist on the TDK, but I have one person who will ride at least to Sioux Falls with me on Saturday (the 7th day). It would be a good test to see how my mind will handle the pain of the SD Gut Check ride.

8. Finish Masters Degree – I know, not exactly a fitness goal, but more of a “mental” goal. I’ve been done with coursework for about three years and now I just need to finish my Professional Report to graduate. If I fail at this task, I’ll start losing credits from courses taken due to time limitations so that is added motivation to finish.

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ALL 8 !!!
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Daniel Letsche said...

Wow! Good luck with your goals Kevin! Talk about motivation. You make me feel pretty worthless. Guess I need to work on that. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Phil Sabin said...

Great goals. Very ambitious, and very inspiring.

I'll keep checking in to see how you are progressing.