Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Baker's (Popliteal) Cyst

Yesterday (Dec 4th) about 2:00 in the afternoon I got one of those heart stopping phone calls from one of my Mother's friends: "Your Mom was in the Doctor's office and she passed out so they took her by ambulance to the hospital. You should come as soon as you can, but drive carefully."

Wow, talk about putting a guy into a panic. I finished up the last update on a call I was working on, let everybody know I was leaving and I was on my bike to home, grabbed the car, and was on my way to Yankton. So many thoughts were racing through my brain on the way over: Did something happen with the mechanical valve in her heart? Is she having trouble with her meds?

When I got there, Mom was getting X-rays and some other tests done. She had been having some severe leg pain (second time now) and she was getting that checked when she passed out. When she got back to the room she was her usual happy self and acted like nothing major was going on. The doctor was supposed to be in by 5:00 to give us some kind of word but he wasn't and I had to get back to the USD Women's and Men's Basketball games (they won both by the way!). I called back during the games and Mom said that he had never come in, but that she was resting comfortably. When I checked in today she told me that the doctor had informed her she has a Baker's Cyst. I had to look that one up as I admit I hadn't heard of that, but it's not as serious as it may sound. I let you read about it from the link provided as I'm far too lazy to type all that.

At any rate, Mom is doing fine and will be back to her normal ornery self in no time I'm sure. Sure puts a scare in you when you get a phone call like that though.

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