Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stupid Ice...

My dislike of rain this time of year is for obvious reasons. It nearly instantly turns to ice. It had misted/lightly rained Monday afternoon as it was above freezing. It didn't *seem* bad as I left work to go home. I turned from a stop sign and got a few good pedal strokes in before BAM! down goes Kevin. Not just down mind you, skating on an icy surface at about 15 mph. Oh well, I shook it off and rode VERY CAREFULLY home.

The next morning I told Laura that the kids better not ride their bike to school and that she better give them a ride. I should have taken my own advice. I looked out and seen that the streets had been graveled so I would have some traction on the street. Well, unfortunately, the driveway was no so forgiving. As I coasted down the driveway to the street…you guessed it….BAM! It happened so fast this time that it was nearly funny, just not to my butt.

I am toying with the idea of getting out the studded tires, but with 50 degree weather in the forecast, that seems a little silly at this point. I am happy to report that it’s not nearly as icy now so I’m “up to speed” biking around town again.

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