Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Brady Christmas Rhyme

I'm not exactly certian when I started to do a Christmas Letter as a rhyme, but I think it was actually pre-2K. It has been one of those traditions that people seem to like so here is this year's edition. **writers note - I've done better, but I'm tired!!***

2006 With the Brady’s – Now THIS is Living
(It’s the Christmas Rhyme that keeps on giving)

Fear not all you worriers; you’ll get your fix,
It’s the Brady Christmas letter of two thousand and six!
Only a few days until Christmas and Kevin’s behind in his quest,
To bring you a letter that’s one of the best!
No boring letters here, so sit back this time
And enjoy the Brady Family Christmas-time rhyme!
Let’s start at the top, with the boss of this clan,
Thanks to last Christmas, she’s had quite a plan.
Since our gift that keeps giving, a nice massage table,
She’s enrolled in massage therapy school and she’s really quite able!
Already licensed in South Dakota, her certificate up,
So let us all fill our glasses and raise up our cup.
When not working or with family, Kevin usually has a bicycle ride planned,
This summer the biking of our MS Team raised over fourteen grand!
We are so proud to be a part of this charity as we bike on with ease,
But life is not so easy for those who endure this disease.
Austin is now ten and his interests are vastly growing
His work at school is important to him, his maturity’s showing.
He dabbles in so many things it’s hard to mention them all at this time
It would take up the remaining space of our Brady Christmas Rhyme.
In a world that seems so caught up in hate
Enter our ray of sunshine, Marissa, now eight.
She loves to include others that are often left out on the side,
For this we are proud, a fact we won’t hide.
During this holiday season it helps keep this in mind too:
Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.
Carson is now three and is at such a cute stage,
But is more of a challenge than the two others at this age.
He pushes the limits, but usually knows when to stop,
What might push with Mum, he won’t push with Pop!
Church is busy for us, from the praise band to even preaching a time or two,
There’s almost nothing in our church that a family member doesn’t do.
That’s the abbreviated version of our life through this year,
But if you want more frequent updates don’t shed a tear.
Kevin keeps random thoughts about things on a blogging site,
Go to when you can’t sleep at night.
I was told that I must stop when this rhyme hit the bottom of the page,
I tend to ramble on as I get “up there” in age.
So we bid you great things from our corner of Heaven,
We wish you the best for two thousand seven!

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