Sunday, February 25, 2007

USD - NCC Men's Indoor Track Champions

Ten years of running Daktronics scoreboards between the Dome and Howard Wood Field in Sioux Falls and this was by far the most exciting and improbable finish I've been involved with. That being said let's set the stage with two events left in the track meet: USD is trailing Minnesota State by 17.5 points and all that is left is the 3000m run and the 4x400m Relay.

In the 3000m run, each team placed three runners out of eight possible places. You would think by doing simple math that would put a major dent in any possible comeback by USD. Well, here is the situation: USD placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the race scoring 10, 8, and 6 points for a total of 24. Minnesota State placed 5th, 7th, and 8th place scoring 4, 2, and 1 point for a total of 7. USD gained an unbelievable 17 points in one race alone. So now, if you have done your math you know that we are a 1/2 point down with one race to go.

Bring on the 4x400 relay. All we have to do is finish ahead of Minnesota State and the title is ours. Let's do a bit of a play by play on this one to heighten the feel. Ben Oberle from USD leads off against Brady Flies from Minnesota State and it's already exciting as Oberle leads Flies as they run 1-2 in the first 400m. Oberle hands off to Tyler Williamson and Minnesota State runs Sam Lance and they gap really doesn't change much as they continue to run 1-2. Onto the third leg where Josh Jeffrey (USD) runs against Pat Lehmann (Minn. St). Lehmann closes the gap and as the 4th and final leg starts there is literally no lead for USD. Scott Hargens (USD) is actually overtaken early in the leg by Minnesota State's Nate Pieper. Hargens stays right on his tail until the backstretch of the final 200 and he absolutely kicked into another gear and closed the deal againt Minnesota State. Final results: USD 3:21.36 (10 points) Minnesota State 3:22.25 (8 points).

When the official results went on the scoreboard (that's MY job!) it read most beautifully:

It was a great way to finish hosting your last NCC indoor meet as next year, the final one for the NCC, will be hosted by Minnesota State before USD and UND go Division I and the other teams (probably) go to the Northern Sun Conference. Congratulations USD and thanks for a great finish. Next time let's go easier on my heart though, okay?


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