Friday, January 06, 2006

Betrothed at Birth

It’s been an ongoing joke since our son was born that he would someday marry Maria, our Goddaughter.  Austin and Maria, now 9 1/2 years old, are only 17 hours apart in birth and Austin’s Godparents are Maria’s Mom and Dad as well.  Got all that?  Good…

Austin and Maria are best of friends even though we live two hours away from her.  Do to family demands of more kids, we do not see them nearly as often as we like to.  They are some of our dearest friends and it is sad that it is so hard to find open time to get together, but most of that can be blamed by screwy work schedules.

Today I received an awesome light-up-your-day type email from Sina, Maria’s Mom.  It will speak for itself:

Maria had to write a tall tale in school and this is what she wrote (thought you'd find it funny)...

Austin Brady was the bravest man in the state of South Dakota. Everyone for miles around knew Austin Brady and loved to tell and retell of his amazing feats. Now one day Austin Brady went to visit Maria. Maria had been having big problems with her friends Darby and Maddy. Darby hated Maddy. Well since Darby hated Maddy they were always hurting each other.
Maria explained her problem. That was all it took. Right away, Austin called the Care Bears and they said a spell on them.
Maria's problem was solved, and the folks in South Dakota now had a new tale to tell about Austin Brady.

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