Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dress for Your Dinner

As most of you know (that know me anyway) I help run the Daktronics video board for almost all USD Coyote sporting events. Today at the basketball game, my Mom came down and took Austin and Marissa along to the game. While they were playing during the game, they were asked to play the "Dress for Your Dinner" game at halftime, unbeknownst to me. The game consists of clothing worn by the basketball team, of course in their sizes, strewn throughout the court. First you have to put on the over sized shorts, then run a little, put on the jersey, run a little further, put on the shoes, run to the end of the court, pick up a basketball and go all the way to the other end and make a basket. Most kids grab the clothes and throw the clothes on in some fashion, but usually not correctly, but such was not the case with Austin and Marissa. They carefully put the shorts on, then the jersey, and then the shoes. Austin was considerably ahead by the time that Marissa got the shoes on and then she started to just head towards the other basket. Some kindly gentleman rolled the ball to her so she could catch up but by that time Austin had made his shot on the third or fourth attempt to do so. It was really cute to see them "compete" against each other and they both had a good time with it. Austin got a free Domino's pizza out of the deal and Marissa got $5 in Burger King Bucks so it was quite the coup for the Brady kids at the basketball game today. On a side note, USD beat UMD in both games!

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