Monday, January 09, 2006

Well Done Augie Doggie!

Although I help run the Daktronics Video Boards at sporting events at USD, and I enjoy a good game, the USD/SDSU rivalry was really the only “rivalry” USD has ever had.  Since SDSU went Division IAA, USD has basically been without a “real” rival in my opinion.  The Sioux Falls Argus Leader newspaper has seemingly “pushed” a rivalry between USD and Augustana College in efforts to make it into something that it just hasn’t been in recent years.  Let’s face it, we have dominated Augustana in recent years.

Well, now IT’S ON!  In what seems the best opportunity to turn this into a legitimate rivalry, Augie swept USD Men’s and Women’s Basketball in Sioux Falls last Saturday in an effort to make sports between our schools interesting once again.  

Probably most impressive to me are the pictures that follow.  When USD played SDSU, we would ALWAYS manage to get a dead Jackrabbit in and throw it onto the floor during the game (carrots always worked in a pinch too!).   I’d like to welcome the Augie Doggies into the fray of “dead animal tossing”.  Somehow, they did it…they ACTUALLY got a dead Coyote into the game Saturday and threw it on the floor.  My hat is off…well done Augie!  Word to the wise, USD’s fans are inevitably plotting their next step in this feud.  Be prepared!

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