Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hurt City - Good Cycling Read

Just finished a book called "Hurt City" by Bob Voiland and it was an interesting read. It's kind of a long journal about a cyclist who has been to all 48 contiguous states on his bike, many by himself, and all leaving from his home in Colorado. It would be one thing to ride in all states, but having the self-imposed rule that you had to leave from your home is pretty cool actually. His wife would usually come and get him when he was done (what an awesome lady!). At any rate, if you are a cyclist, it's a good read and I suggest you grab it.

Another cool side note is that a friend from work loaned the book to me and it's a signed copy of the book to his Dad. Bob and his Dad knew each other when they were younger as they both grew up in Sioux City at that point. So, for people around here, it has a touch of local flair.

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