Saturday, February 27, 2010

Before Biking Brady

Before Biking Brady there was Running Brady. Trust me, I'm a better bicyclist.

I felt like I had the life by the tail in 1990. This picture is from my first marathon. I ran my second at the Twin Cities Marathon that October. Less than a month later I was activated for Desert Shield/Storm. After that back issues forced me to leave distance running. I found my outlet in distance bicycling and the rest is Biking Brady history in the making.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Input Needed

With the recent 3 foot law (SB70) considered by the South Dakota Senate Transportation Committee and then the Senate itself and the South Dakota Bicycle Coalition (SDBC) being a driving force behind the push to attempt to get the law passed, there is little doubt that bicycle safety took a positive step forward, even with the bill failing. The SDBC plans to move forward with a "Share the Road" campaign, which will continue to better educate motorists and bicyclists alike on the laws and the general safety of all concerned when it comes to their interaction on the roadways. All things cycling seem to be taking a positive path in the great State of South Dakota.

With these new found advocacy efforts, I need some outside input as to the name of our local bicycle club, the Lane Hogs. Please ponder the following questions and comment.

1. What is your knee jerk reaction to the name Lane Hogs?

2. Does the name Lane Hogs have no effect, positive effect, or negative effect when it comes to assisting our club assisting with bicycle advocacy in the State of South Dakota?

3. If you held the ultimate decision, would you keep your longstanding (12 year) club name or would you look to move forward with a new name?

I appreciate any and all thoughts.