Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Bike Commuter Moment

You know you're a bike commuter when you go to get into a car and you still tie your pant leg back so it doesn't get caught in the chain.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ignite SD Speech

Kevin Brady at Ignite Yankton from Ignite SD on Vimeo.

This was my first attempt at an Ignite speech in Yankton, SD on May 31, 2011. In retrospect I should have actually practiced and not made my topic so broad, instead of just winging it. You know what? That just wouldn't be me. I may have to give this another shot someday.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tour de Kota '11 - Sioux Falls to Brookings

Tour de Kota 2011 started with an unusual late start for me as I didn't hit the road until after 0730. I rolled out alone and after skirting traffic and other bicyclists leaving Sioux Falls I stepped it up a notch as I knew it was going to get pretty warm and I wasn't too excited about spending my day out in the hot sun. I was sporting my USD Coyote jersey to make sure everybody I rolled by, got to be passed by pure awesomeness. I moved on through Brandon as I was just getting my legs warmed up. Garretson was about 25 miles in and by then the hunger pains started taking over so I wandered downtown to find the American Legion serving Biscuits and Gravy, Eggs, Ham, Toast and drink for $5. It’s hard for me to say no to two things: Military based fundraisers and biscuits and gravy.

I had a usual occurrence at the Legion though. I washed my face and in doing so, set my rather old head wrap down. Realizing I had forgotten it, I went back in less than five minutes later and it was gone. This gross, sweaty, old, ratty, head wrap was gone. Somebody was either a) a klepto, b)¬ in desperate need of a head wrap or c) a little of both.

About half way between Garretson and Dell Rapids, I slowly caught a couple gentlemen that I had met from San Antonio and New Orleans. Shortly thereafter they hooked on with me and we pounded a stretch north in the 22.5 mph range and then in the 25-27 range heading west towards Dell Rapids. One fell off and his buddy dropped back to him. Alone again.

I stopped in Dell Rapids and caught up with some friends, including my friend Valerie who I hadn’t been on a ride with since our BRAN (Bike Ride Across Nebraska) days. After a bit of chit chat, I left to move on again. On my way out I rolled into the heard of FAB riders that made me feel like Norm from cheers. Many shouts of “Kevin”, “Brady”, “k-BiLLy” made me feel the love.

On the way to Colman I ran across a few of the local riders proudly sporting their USD jersey as we moved into SDSU territory. Upon stopping in Colman I caught up with the Wynia family and Derek asked if he could ride the last 26 miles with me. I instantly warned him of what happened the last time a young Wynia decided to ride with me for the first time. I was a little more accommodating to young Derek as I backed off a few times to when I caught glimpses that he might be suffering a little.

Derek and I rolled into Brookings with both bagging any ideas of riding the century loop. I pulled off and met Laura and Derek went on to SDSU. After Laura had a couple hours of working her massage magic on a few friends, we headed back to her sister Dulci’s house for the evening.

Stats of the day:

Different College Jerseys that I spotted: University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, Augustana, University of Sioux Falls, University of Northern Iowa, Montana State University, Kansas State, Nebraska.

Funniest add on to a jersey: Seen strapped to the back of a jersey: “I’m old so don’t hit me. Push me!”