Friday, March 26, 2010

Must. Start. Blogging. Again

Sometimes I just need inspiration to continue doing what I'm doing on this blog. To be honest, inspiration has been lacking lately. Then something comes along and you realize that maybe you do make a difference to people out there on the internets.

The gang over at Environmental Science Degrees gave me a shout out on a post for "55 bicycle sites to go green and get fit". Point taken. People do pay attention and I have an obligation to continue on my motivational path. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday, March 05, 2010

Biker Down

Outside of a couple slight slips on the ice this winter, it's been uneventful in the spectacular crash department. I had to wait until the roads were free of ice for that.

Yesterday on my way to the Dakota Dome, I was clipping along thanks to a south wind. It was a beautiful day, first day over 40 degrees in 91 days here in Vermillion, with winds pushing me along from the South. When you turn into the dome parking lot there is a little S-curve to deal with. I was right behind two cars having fun leaning into the curves when my front tire disappeared from under me and I slammed to the ground at approximately 15mph.

Two things I learned from this accident:
1. The sand left over from winter street sanding is like riding on marbles
2. When the front wheel goes out from under you, the chances are exponentially higher that there will be no awesome recovery, but the chance of a spectacular crash is nearly 100%.

Accident results:
1. Bloody right elbow
2. Bloody right knee
3. Gravel dimples in my right shoulder
4. A stylish hole in the knee of my jeans
5. Hurt pride

I still sucked it up and led my indoor cycling class, but I definitely felt the effects of the accident and still do.