Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Great Mystery of Early 2012: Case Closed

In the beginning of the necessity that would later become known as "The Great Basement Bedroom Remodel of 2012", chaos ensued. Stuff was moved around, packed hastily, strewn between the laundry room, family room, and the garage. As we slowly unpacked, and continue to do so, it was missing. I cried out to it. Searched everywhere. I was so sure that it became scared and simply ran away.

I couldn't give up.  I searched high and low, calling it's name.  I made posters asking for its safe return.  Made a newsworthy plea that if an abduction took place that I would pay whatever it took for its safe return. 

Still....nothing...after awhile, you simply have to move on with your life.  Accept the fact that it's gone forever.  Think back, and occasionally shed a tear over the good times you've had.

Then suddenly there it was:  A whimper in the corner as my beautiful wife Laura was cleaning the laundry room.  Cleaning the mess that I, in my anguish and pain, had made worse in my frantic search for it.  Stuff strewn to and fro, but that wasn't going to stop Laura.  She dug and dug, following the faint sounds until, there it was.  It had returned to me.  I embraced it immediately telling it that I would not part from it until the end of time.

Welcome home!  May we enjoy many more rides together!