Wednesday, July 02, 2014

In Search of Mister 19D

I went for a quick 30 mile ride this evening and I ran across a person that I just have to find.  I'm not sure if I will be able to sleep until I do -- I feel THAT bad about what happened.  Please allow me to explain and help me find this outstanding citizen of Clay County South Dakota.

Crossing the Hwy 19/50 interchange heading north of Polaris, I looked back in my mirror and noticed a truck crossing the intersection.  I first feel I must apologize to the driver as even though he was probably an 1/8 of a mile or more away, I was on his road.  Quickly I realized the error of my ways and I moved over onto the inside of the wide shoulder, on the other side of the white line and corresponding rumble strips.  Even though there was a little gravel where I was at, going over further would have proven more dangerous.

You came up slowly in my mirror, and even though there was nobody coming in the other direction, you chose to stay inside of your lane, seemingly as close to the white line as possible, maybe yourself worried that crossing that center line may be seen as suspicious behavior should an officer be anywhere near.  I must say you approached carefully and slowly.

As you pulled up next to me, I looked over and gave you a nod.  You passed me ever so slowly, which I have to tell you was a pleasant surprise as I rolled along around 20mph on a 65mph road.  Apparently it was at this point your foot must have accidentally slipped and stomped on the gas pedal causing your diesel truck to spew out a dark cloud of pollution in my face.  It was then I realized that something was wrong!  I don't think enough pollution was coming out of your truck!  I'm very worried for your health as I really believe that something is wrong with your exhaust.  Something must be clogging it up.

This clogging is potentially life threatening and I was trying immediately to figure out the best way to get your attention through the cloud you left behind.  As I raised my hand to get your attention, I thought at the same time that I should get your license plate number so I could trace you down, but I was only able to get the first three numbers of the plate:  19D.  Through the cloud of emissions and my sunglasses, I believe it was a maroon truck along with your extra wide mirrors which mean that you must pull something on occasion. 

It was then that I realized that my hand that was raised must have had a bad cramp as only my thumb and middle finger were extended.  I thought back to my childhood and remembered my parents telling me that combination of fingers meant something really bad.  You must have noticed that also as you slowed down again.  Finally all my fingers came up and I motioned for you to come on back so I could apologize for my completely legal and safe cycling that caused you to feel uncomfortable.

Apparently you misunderstood my attempts and you sped away.  I was hoping that you maybe lived on the Bluff Road as that is the way I was going to be going and I may be able to find you again, but alas, you went North on Hwy 19 past the turn.  Luckily for me, Clay County is fairly small so I hope that somebody out there may help me identify you so that I may sit down and apologize for all the things that I didn't do wrong.

I really feel that without sitting down and discussing this man to man, not only will this misunderstanding stand in the way of a potential beautiful friendship, but I will wonder if the potential blocked exhaust is slowly filling your truck, slowly killing your few precious brain cells.  So please, if you are reading this, or if a person who knows you is reading this, contact me soon so I can sleep without the guilt of wondering if you are okay.  Sleep will most certainly elude my guilty conscious until you do.

Mr 19D xxx, please allow me the opportunity to talk with you.  You seem like such an important man in your big diesel truck.  Surely you will give this puny bicyclist the opportunity to right this wrong face to face.