Friday, May 29, 2009

Bunyan's To Bob's Last Minute Prep

I'm leaving work today at 2:00 (hopefully if I can get everything done!) to do the last minute cleaning/lawn mowing, what have you, in preparation for the arrival of the CiTy BiLLy crowd and BiLLy WaNNaBeeS.

Shooting for a carnival atmosphere after the ride with food, beer, games, and movies in The Man Cave. A good time is sure to be had by all. You're not coming? Sucks to be you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Man Cave

I gussied up The Man Cave (aka the garage that doesn't house a car) partially because it drastically needed it and partially in preparation for the post Bunyan's To Bob's gathering next Saturday. It could serve as a great place to be banished to if the wife ever gets angry.

BiLLy's - I'm getting prepared for you. We have The Man Cave that will be set up to show bicycling movies all afternoon long as we partake in festivities.

Dealing With Dogs *Update*

It may take longer to do all the research, but a well written correspondence definitely will help your cause in the case of a dog attack. In my last post found HERE, I was not impressed with the response from the dispatcher about the resolution to our situation. This morning I received both an email and a phone call from a deputy in Union County and he was most cordial and apologetic for not getting back to me yesterday.

The reason, which made our problem pale in comparison, was that they had spent most of the day finding the next of kin from an accident fatality. I'm definitely fine with being put on the back burner for that. He was truly apologetic for at least not calling, but spent a great deal of time on the phone with me discussing our situation. Long story short, he will be giving the owners their free warning that should it happen again, the dogs may certainly be removed from their premises. The deputy told me that he will update me on the meeting with the owner.

Things to remember if you should be in this situation:

1.) Details. Get as many details about the incident as you can. Giving an exact address is great, but if you don't want to start round two with the dogs, then at least get landmarks and the nearest roads. Try to remember time of day as well.

2.) Photos. I have to start carrying my camera all the time. Without Kathy's camera yesterday, I'm not sure we would have such a strong case. The deputy thanked me over and over for the photos saying that he couldn't have better proof of the dogs being out of line.

3.) Know the laws in your area. By copying the South Dakota Codified Law section on "
Vicious Dogs" into my email, it both educated and saved the deputy time and effort. He said that his first step was to have the dog owner read that and see what he had to say.

4.) Keep a list of all the Sheriff's Departments in your area of riding. Yesterday I was caught without my list so I did not report it until a couple hours later. I'm debating about adding them all to my cell phone now.

5.) Be professional with Law Enforcement. They understand you are upset. There is no need to go down that road again. My conversation with the Deputy ended with him telling me to contact them any time with further issues. That's the feeling that I want right there, the one that says 'we are here for you', not 'quit bothering me'.

Overall, it was a positive experience. Dealing with the owners is not what I want to spend my time doing. Dealing with the law enforcement allows them to take ownership and be informed on the situation for future run ins. It will forever be my first line of contact from here on out. I humbly suggest you make it yours as well.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dealing With Dogs

I admit it, I've simply had it with dogs and I'm refusing to deal with them anymore. If a dog chases me on rural roads beyond their property and on to the roads in an attack mode, and do not respond to a "GO HOME" shouted at them, I'm calling the Sheriff's Department of that county to report them. I simply don't have time or the will to talk to every individual dog owner anymore.

Since CDV was bitten a couple weeks ago, he's been pretty gun shy on the roads when it comes to dogs. Today got my guard up a little as well. CDV, Kathy R., and myself were headed up towards Spink. Kathy had no more talked about dogs that had come at her last June and here they came. I was hoping they would remain on their property, but it wasn't to be. They worked damn well as a team too. While I was yelling at the one on my right to go home, I suddenly felt hot breath as I had one nipping at my left heel. I accelerated to get away but CDV had already dismounted and was using his bike as a shield between himself and the dog. That worked for one, but like I said, they were working VERY well in pairs and Craig had his head on a swivel watching both dogs. He slowly walked down the road watching the dogs, with his dog spray in one hand.

The dogs didn't give up for the better part of a half mile. I didn't settle down all day about the incident. When we got around to Elk Point I called the Sheriff's Office. There were supposedly going to contact me later. They didn't. I called back later in the evening and I received a "Um, I'm not sure, but we had a deputy in the area and I *think* he talked to them." Um...not good enough. I turned it up a notch by emailing. We will see if I get a response. The email? Allow me to make it public here for conversation:

Dear Union County Sheriff's Department:

Today at about 1:45 pm, between 317th and 316th street on the Spink Oil (473rd Ave.) we had a major dog incident. As bicyclists, we have encounters with dogs and are skilled in how to handle them. Most of them, with a simple "GO HOME" will turn tail and go home. Most never leave their yards and are just protecting their property line. These two dogs did not respond to many very loud "GO HOME" yells and were very aggressively bearing their teeth and working as a team to approach me on each side of the bike, one nipping at my left heel.

My friend, Craig DeVelder, dismounted his bike as he was recently bit by a dog in Meckling, SD and is understandably a little "dog shy". He was keeping his bike between himself and the dogs as we know as the best method from articles we have read and from other riders. These dogs did NOT tire of the chase as he continued to walk his bike away from them. The dogs were no less than a 1/4 mile away from their farm and closer to a 1/2 mile before they gave up finally.

Kathy Roberts from McCook Lake, who was also with us today, has had a run in last June with these same dogs and stated that the owner was outside and managed to get one of the two back but one still was on the road before it finally turned around.

Based on SD Codified Law 40-34-14, I see no reason for these dogs to not be on record as vicious dogs. To save you having to look it up it is copied below:

40-34-14. Vicious dog defined. For the purposes of §§ 40-34-13 to 40-34-15, inclusive, a vicious dog is:

(1) Any dog which, when unprovoked, in a vicious or terrorizing manner approaches in apparent attitude of attack, or bites, inflicts injury, assaults, or otherwise attacks a human being upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds or places; or
(2) Any dog which, on private property, when unprovoked, in a vicious or terrifying manner approaches in apparent attitude of attack, or bites, or inflicts injury, or otherwise attacks a mailman, meter reader, serviceman, journeyman, delivery man, or other employed person who is on private property by reason of permission of the owner or occupant of such property or who is on private property by reason of a course of dealing with the owner of such private property.

Source: SL 1988, ch 330, § 2.

There is no doubt in my mind that these dogs are both well within the realms of being labeled vicious and I would appreciate them being labeled as such. I refuse to give up one of our training routes because of dogs. Once these dogs came on the road and were nipping at my heels, the line was clearly crossed. Attached are some pictures that Kathy Roberts took during our ride today.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for further information or to inform me of the action that was taken in this complaint. I have also cc'd Craig and Kathy so you have their emails if you have further questions as well.


Kevin Brady
Vice President, South Dakota Bicycle Coalition
*town - zip*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Interrupt Training Time

We interrupt training time to bring you some family time down by the Vermillion River at our "special spot". It was a hot, windy day, but it always seems so peaceful down on the river.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bike vs Car Report: May 1 - May 15

Pretty standard couple weeks for me: ride lots, drive little. Hoping the next couple weeks will be even better. June will bring on Tour de Kota so there will be some transportation days involved. Secretly hoping to get my days driven and my days as a passenger under ten percent (10%) for the year, but even as car free as I am, it's not easy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bunyan's To Bob's 2009 Spring Classic

When: May 30th
Starting Point: Bunyan's, Vermillion, SD (Directions from Exit 26 on I29)
Time: 9:00 meet and greet (and a mandatory Bunyan Bomber), 10:00 departure
Destination: Bob's Bar, Martinsburg, NE
Cost: $20 - includes a totally rad t-shirt and after ride festivities (can't tell you everything, but there is a special BiLLy surprise involved).

Still not convinced? Check out some of the past B2B fun!
B2B Fall Ride 2008
Spring Socializing Recap on B2B Spring Edition 2008
The B2B ride itself with Gravel and Road routes

STILL not convinced? You must simply not be a real bicyclist. This is where it's at people!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

First Time Trial in Some Time

Last year our group didn't run Time Trials. No real reason why, we just didn't. I'm not sure how much I'll run this year as I'll be after more distance than speed, but I decided to show my face at the inaugural time trial for the year.

I was a little disappointed as only four people showed up. I was more disappointed that at four-tee-two (42) years old that I was the youngest there. Where are all the young speedy guys? Do us old people scare you? Are you afraid of being embarrassed? Well, I can understand that. You don't stand much of a chance with Randy R. now coming to time trials!

Not doing this in over a year, I couldn't find that comfortable pace. Although I'm a "decent" time trial rider, I wouldn't call it a specialty by any stretch of the imagination. Looking at my Garmin stats, my mile marks were not very consistent. I didn't run my self to the verge of upchucking either. I'm not sure how often I'll time trial this year as distance will be much more of a focus in preparation for the Gut Check, but I may show up once a month or so to see if I can better the initial time.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bike vs Car Report: Apr 15-30

The mere tardiness of this report should tell you what my life is like right now...a little crazy. The trips to Nebraska are drawing to a close for a variety of reasons, all most all the reasons are sad. Grandma and Grandpa are moving to Arizona to be closer to other family who can help them better and Laura's Aunt Julie passed away from the cancer she was fighting. Cancer sucks. We will miss Grandma and Grandpa Hertel and Aunt Julie. Life goes on.