Friday, September 16, 2011

Old Guys Win Intramural Bike Race

As temperatures dipped into the 50's only the hearty (crazy?) showed up for the USD Intramural Bike Race. The race consisted of, well, Team Barking Dog Cycling Club! Craig D., Randy R., and I had a personal bike race that took some of the fun out of an actual race, but hey, we get Intramural Champion T-Shirts for our effort! I edged Randy R. by a little over :20 seconds, but it wasn't exactly a glory victory as I sucked his wheel for a good eight miles before trying to give him a little draft. He fell back and I just kept going and he never caught back up. In Time Trial mode, I probably wouldn't have won.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Best 10K Time Trial Yet

I took the Bacchetta Ti Aero to a new low on the 10K Time Trial route. Official Time (according to the timer) was 14:46. I don't think I went sub 15 on the diamond frame even. I love this bike! Now to learn the fine art of turning around at the midway point, get clipped back in and up to speed faster.