Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Questions Abound

If you actually took the time to come out to this once thriving, now pitiful blog, you can assist me with a couple of questions. 

First, and most important, technically my bike commuting to work record is over.  I continued to bike to work for a while just to say that the streak was alive, but it seems extremely silly to get the gear out in the cold to bike when I can walk faster since my move to 1-2 blocks away from work.  The question I'd like to pose is this:  Do I keep updating the record as a car free record or do I just call the "Date of Record Death" and forget about it? 

I always wanted to go out on top with this streak on my terms (ala Cal Ripken, Jr.) but, alas, it just kind of quietly fizzled out one nasty day that I decided to walk versus biking two blocks.  So, what to do?  Just let it die or chance it to a "car free" commute to work?

Next on my question list, especially if the streak dies, is to continue this blog or not.  I loved using this as a motivational/inspirational tool that would always be out there, but do people actually read blogs anymore?  Ever?

That's all I have for now.  Pending questions.  I am starting to log for 2016 and am motivated due to some exciting new cycling adventures in my life.  So, who knows, maybe the blog stays.  That, in part, will be decided if anybody visits or not.