Thursday, January 26, 2012

State of the Societal Laziness Address

I don't get it.  I just don't get it.  I really mean it this time.  I.  Don't.  Get.  It.  At.  All.

I understand that I'm more of the exception than the rule.  I have to put thought into driving versus bicycling.  When given a reasonable option of biking/walking over driving, I'll choose biking/walking.  At work, when I don't have to take the elevator, I don't.

With that in awesome lead in, I give you the reason for this post.  You see, even though I often shake my head at people who literally drive three blocks (and sometime less) to work or to the classes at the University, I've learned to get over it.  People are inherently getting lazier.  I get that.  Don't understand it, but I'm learning to accept it.  People think about driving first and alternate transportation second.  It's sad, and while I do my best to encourage others to bike or walk, I understand that in the end it's their decision.  Today however pushed my "rant on my blog" button over the top.

I received a call that a printer for one of my departments was over at Slagle Hall, a couple buildings (1.5 or so blocks) away.  I emailed to see what model it was so I knew if I needed my hand cart or not.  It was a fairly good sized printer, so I grabbed the cart, threw on my coat, and wandered over to pick it up.  Instead of going through the entrance with the elevator, I went through the side door, grabbed the hand cart low on the base a just took it up the two flights of stairs I had to go.  I picked up the printer and had to head to the elevator for my trip down.  That's where it all went wrong.

You see, there are two things at play here:  First, the elevator in Slagle Hall, for some reason, is incredibly slow.  Second, there are classes on the third floor of the building.  I, trying to get on the elevator on the second floor, waited for an eternity for the elevator to come down to the floor.  It arrived, doors opened, and there stood four very healthy looking college students (you see where this is going, don't you).  A couple look slightly annoyed as I make them squish together a little so I can get on with my cart and printer.  Just wait, it's about to get better.

As soon as the elevator starts to descend, one student looks at his watch and states, "With the speed of this elevator, I'm going to be late for my next class".  I wanted to laugh so bad.  He's right, the elevator is slow and he could have been out the door on his way to the next class by the time had he chosen the stairs.  I refrained.

The elevator reached the entry level and the door opens on the opposite side that I got in.  For those unfamiliar, due to the age and structure of the building, there are left and right openings depending on your entry and exit. I allowed the students to exit as I was in the back and it just made sense.  Then, to send me to my current rant level, as I start to exit, pushing a printer an all, able bodied students start to get on.  I kept pushing forward as I found it: a) practical for me to get off first and b) rude that they felt they HAD to get on before I got off.

One person (I'll leave the sex out) basically stood their ground pretty much blocking my exit.  I looked up, making eye contact and politely said "Excuse me" and they moved a little and I walked by.  After I was clear I hear "That was kinda rude, huh?"  I turn around and as gave the 'did you really just say that' look as the door was closing and the person averted their eyes.  An elevator full of quite able bodied young adults went up on their merry, lazy way.

Young, able bodied adults, hear me.  I'm nearly 45 years old and there is a really good chance that I'm in better overall health than most of you.  I do the little things to stay healthy:  I walk or bike when I can instead of driving.  I take the stairs over the elevator whenever possible.  The obesity epidemic is getting worse.  Keep driving and taking the elevator and being lazy.  Seriously.  Feel free.

Okay, I don't mean that.  Not even as rude as that student was can change the fact that I want you to be healthy.  I want you to be active.  I want you to walk and bike and take the stairs.  If for some reason it feels like I'm talking right at you or if any of this resonates with you, maybe it's time to change your life.   Do it for a lot of reasons, but mainly do it for you.

Thus ends the rant of Biking Brady for this day, Thursday, January 28, 2012.