Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Importance of Getting Outdoors

I often get frustrated with the amount of time children (mine included) spend on video games.  I hope today helps remind my youngest how much outdoor fun can be had if they are willing to get outside.

The afternoon started with two rounds of disc golf:

After two fun rounds of disc golf, one of those rare, weird, awesome moments happened.  As we were walking back to the truck, I tossed one of my discs towards a basket and a squirrel ran out, inspected the disc and ran away.  I told Carson about it and I threw the disc close to him again and he did the same thing.  Carson was laughing as was I.  The squirrel was farther away the last time so I tossed it one more time.  This time, after running over to the disc, he flipped the disc up, had it in his mouth and tried to make off with it.  It's too bad I didn't record this, but it will be a memory that Carson and I will always have. 

After a trip to McDonalds for a Carmel Mocha and a Frappe - I'll leave it to your imagination as to who ordered what - we went out to Mulberry Point on the Nebraska side to do a little hiking.  We realized that the trail was probably a little too muddy to traverse, so we decided to come back into town and go to our "special spot" along the Vermillion River.  Not before the obligatory photo though.

 Our "special spot" is a spot that all of the kids and I used to go to when we'd bike around Vermillion.  Carson and I sat on the banks of the river, enjoying the extreme calm of the day as the sun was starting to set.  We were playing the game of  "that looks like a ...." when Carson looked up and noticed something in the tree across the river.  Thinking it was another form to identify, it became evident that the form, which had been there for quite some time, was actually a Bald Eagle.  Unfortunately my phone camera only has 4x zoom, but we enjoyed watching it turn it's head and sit in the tree as majestic as you can imagine.

Our conversations today went from video games early to one of camping, fishing, vacations for the summer.  All because we simply got out the door.  Yeah outdoors!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Happy Bike To Work Anniversary

Today marks the end of year eight of consecutive biking to work days/years.  Two thousand one hundred twenty seven consecutive work days to be exact.  It has become such a habit that I can't imagine actually driving to work, or nearly anywhere.  My bicycle can be used to handle at least 90% of my local chores.  Why would I drive? 

Why I Bike Versus Driving to Work:

1.  Parking - Parking at USD is totally nuts.  If you buy a parking pass or not, parking is a huge mess.  My parking spot in the bike rack is rarely taken and I'm about 10 steps from the front door.  Yearly gas savings - no idea.  Yearly parking/"hunting" pass - $126.  Biking for the win.

2. Small to Mid-Sized Errands - From the farthest reaches of Vermillion to any potential shopping/grocery is three miles (one way) at best.  Vermillion is as flat as a pancake and easy to bike.  Burley flatbed trailer purchased many years ago - $200.  Gas savings - immense.  Biking for the win.

3. Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles - People often ask me "why" I do it.  Besides the above mentioned, it keeps me healthy and feeling young.  It also gives me the ability to encourage others to try it, at least on occasion.  I don't mind being 'that crazy guy on a bike' if he helps others realize that they too could reap the health benefits.   Biking for the win.

4. Cost - Duh, like I have to explain this one.  Biking for the win.

Bike on.  Seriously - Bike on.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Let's Get This Body Started

I haven't logged miles or exercise of any sort for a few years now.  I find that I tend to be OCD about it when I do.  Guess what?  That sounded like a pretty good idea to me.  I understand that I really am in good shape for somebody of my age, but I know I will push myself harder if I log my exercise.  Especially if I share it online. 

What I found crazy is the amount of indoor cycling hours I put it.  I know I teach indoor cycling, but it's crazy when you actually keep track of it all.  So, without further ado, my OCD spreadsheet in an effort to get back on top of my fitness game.  Hopefully I can motivate a few of you along the way also.  Feel free to play along with your own training!