Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 15,000+ TCR0

Sunday,as I was approaching Elk Point (the first time), the computer on my Giant TCR0 read 15,000 miles at or near where the arrow is pointing in the picture above. That is actually probably low as my computer has been cutting out a little more lately. Luckily I always have the Garmin as my backup trip mileage. Either the battery is going dead, which I'm surprised hasn't happened yet, or my computer figures that it's already screwed up because it's reading 15,000 miles.

I love my Cateye Astrale, but it may be time to move on when it dies. I no longer pay attention to cadence as I pretty much know the general ballpark that I'm pedaling, and with my Garmin, it really only serves as a backup device anyway. BUT, when you are obsessed with logging mileage, a backup is never a bad idea I guess.

While the Astrale may get retired, there is no thought of retiring the Giant TCR0 yet. It has served me quite well and hopefully will for awhile yet. 15,000 bike miles...I wonder how many that is in "cager" miles? Is it like dog years to people years? Has my bike rolled the equivalent of 105,000 car miles? more?

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