Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all friends, family, and fellow bloggers who have stumbled here. There are actually a few flurries of snow happening right now and I'm feeling the un-motivation that accompanies the mother of all eating holidays.

It's been a year to be thankful for in so many ways. The whole family has been healthy this year, a considerable amount of cycling has happened, and many friends (old and new) have been a part of our lives this year. I attribute some of that to getting in the car less and planning time with those who are a part of our lives.

As far as the kids, they are thankful that they finally got their cable tv back that left in June due to "couch potato-ness". They finally proved they can be responsible so Dad made them happy and allowed cable back in the house, with one small warning: It CAN go away again. They get the hint.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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Anonymous said...

No Cable TV? Did they watch the broadcast stuff? I thought my oldest had been on the computer too long on Sunday so I told her she had to stay off till after dinner. Playing board games and doing flash cards was fun interaction time but not what I had planned to do all afternoon. I shudder to think what taking away cable TV would do...