Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching Up

It's been a long time between posts and that's a bit unusual for me, but for lack of a better reason, I've had nothing to say! A short rundown of what's been going on:

1. The weather is getting a little ugly. Therefore, I'll need to set up the trainer for extra training that I'm not getting outside. Yeah, I'm still riding outside, just not 1-2 hour rides like I want to.

1a. Can't set up the trainer in the family room in the basement anymore as we finally got our carpet in.

1b. We now need to set up BOTH trainers as Laura is going to train off season as well.

1c. That means setting up in the laundry room.

1d. The laundry room was the main catch all during the remodeling of the family room.

1e. I've cleaned most of the laundry room and scrubbed the floor.

1f. It's taken me most of a week.

1g. And it still has a way to go.

1h. Laura and I have discussed how we need to "declutter" our lives.

2. I'm working on reformatting an old computer that will work good enough to run videos off while we ride. Spinnervals, Carmichael Training Systems, Movies, whatever.

3. This weekend is going to be brutal starting Thursday. I'll be working the HS Football Championships in the dome except for the Friday night game. Friday night I'll be going to Sioux Falls with a friend for a banquet for the Nike HS Cross Country meet that is being held in Sioux Falls on Saturday. After the six different XC races (I THINK that's all there are), I'll be back at the dome Saturday night for the last championship game.

4. I have survived so far this month without getting in a vehicle of any sort. That will end Friday when I ride up to Sioux Falls.

I'm in a funk and need to get a GOOD outside ride in. It won't be this weekend unless I have energy after church on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Funks don't last long and a good funk chaser whilst spinning (at least for this fat old fart) is spinning in a very dark room to sides 2 and 3, or is it 3 and 4, of the soundtrack from Jesus Christ Superstar. That is a workout, and a motivation all rolled into one.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to piggy back on the previous commenter's not-quite-on-spot reference for a shameless promotion.

I feel when decluttering your lives you have to consider how many you have to work with and use them responsibly.

Biking Duluth said...


Let me know how you declutter, I've got that same issue in my house, just too much crap everywhere, but it seems we apparently need all that crap. I disagree but alas, I'm wrong of course :)

Tez said...

I agree with Biking Duluth on letting all of know how to declutter!

Funk is a bug that we all catch this time of year. It is the transition of seasons / road to trainer....ugh.

thE_kErnEl said...

i'll see you in the dome on saturday night, go Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DIRK said...

Simple solution to 1b.
Put the BBT on the trainer.

bikingbrady said...

Dirk...she gets tired of looking at my a$$.

kErnEL...come up and see the inner workings of the production/Daktronics crew. I'll be up in the north-most booth.

DIRK said...

Yo BB, that's why SHE is on the front seat of the BBT on the trainer!

The Old Bag said...

I'm living 1d.g. and h. right now. It's amazing what a remodel can do for the realization that there's just too much stuff.