Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bike vs Car Report: Apr 15-30

The mere tardiness of this report should tell you what my life is like right now...a little crazy. The trips to Nebraska are drawing to a close for a variety of reasons, all most all the reasons are sad. Grandma and Grandpa are moving to Arizona to be closer to other family who can help them better and Laura's Aunt Julie passed away from the cancer she was fighting. Cancer sucks. We will miss Grandma and Grandpa Hertel and Aunt Julie. Life goes on.


Tez said...

Cancer does suck! Sorry man.
You guys are in our thoughts and prayers!

The Old Bag said...

Sorry to hear.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...


Good Luck with everything. I hope you're getting some good weather so you and your's can put in some miles.

Always have a bike for you here should you be down to visit Arizona.

Cheers! Bruce