Thursday, June 04, 2009

How to Plan a Group Bike Ride

Here is how you plan a group bike ride in Vermillion: Don't let your "hammerheads" plan it. Usually when BiTeBiLLy, Cactus-Eyed Joe, or myself plan a ride, we get the usual crowd -- those expecting to go fairly fast no matter if we post a slower pace or not.

Enter Cycling Cathy who puts out an email to our list about a "No Spandex Required" ride and a slower pace. The result:

Photo Credit: Dan Letsche

That's right, instead of 3-5 riders, there were 15 (plus or minus) last night who did the 30 mile Meckling Loop, including Mrs. Biking Brady who was doing her first group ride that didn't include me (can you tell I'm the proud husband?). Also included were some who have never partook in a Lane Hogs group ride before. Where was I? Being the good husband, I took Carson to T-Ball and allowed Laura her time on the bike.

Good things are coming to the Vermillion Bicycling scene....stay tuned!


Tina Hart said...

So how do I find all these fun bike rides anyway??? I'm not sure I'm up for any 50mi fast rides but maybe a 30mi slightly slower paced ride I could do :)
-Tina Shantz

Snakebite said...

Very nice!

Unknown said...

I'm so happy there are people, who like me, enjoy a slightly more relaxed pace now and then! Also, I think the social following at R-Pizza lured some in. You should let your wife out more often ;)

Ham(m)er said...

I really enjoyed watching your son play with a napkin and receipt paper. I'm not sure what was going on there, but he was making battle sounds. :-) Good for a chuckle. He's a good kid. And the pure joy he expressed when getting bounced off the curb was cute too.

thE_kErnEl said...


FunkyMama said...

awesome ... I'm of the slower pace mentality myself. must be the steel-framed bike i ride. :)

our local fitness club is hosting Saturday morning run/bike/swim get-togethers now. it's part of encouraging training for the local tri and 5K/10K. but, i'm hoping for a turn-out of easy ride cyclists so the toddler & I have some ride partners. :)