Saturday, September 05, 2009

Terra Trike Experience

Last night I had a little fun be-bopping around town with a Terra Trike 3.4, which is similar to what is now the Terra Trike Touring model. Going around town was fun and quick, but I decided a much bigger test was needed before a purchasing decision could be made. Today’s 30 miler to Elk Point with CDV gave me that opportunity.

There were only light headwinds when we left Vermillion but it fast became evident that a little over 17 mph was about all I was going to be able to muster and 15.5-17 was probably more the norm on the way down. The comfort of the bike was very acceptable as the newly chip sealed road did not seem too bad to ride on. I still noticed a bit of vibrato in my voice from being bounced around, but it was bearable. Pulling into the BP station in Elk Point, I was ready to get up for a stretch. The legs felt a little rubbery, I’m sure from a different style of riding. The feeling went away fast and after a Gatorade we were on our way home.

I was able to hold around 18 with a tail wind push most of the way home. For fun, I pushed my back against the back of the seat and pedaled hard and mustered a little over 22 mph but that was about all I had in me. I could tell towards the end that my legs, and quads in particular, had partook in enough of this fun for one day. Coming up University hill back into Vermillion proved to be entertaining as well. I shifted incorrectly and went into the large front sprocket and almost instantly came to a stop. Hmm…now what? I released the breaks lightly and started rolling backwards. Grab breaks again and think about it. Hold onto one brake, let go of other and do a rolling backwards turn. SWEET! Roll back down the hill and start over making sure NOT to repeat the previous performance.

I have an email off to the fine people at Terra Trike about the 26 inch back wheel along with asking about a bigger high end chain ring. I have the need for speed. 16-17 mph isn’t cutting it for me.

Ten point rating system of the Terra Trike Experience:
Comfort: 8.5
Handling: 9
Speed: 6.5
Hills: to be determined
Headwinds: to be determined
Probability I’ll buy: 75%


Snakebite said...

{cue B7 guitar chord} ???

Road Legs said...

I have heard that if you put your brakes on hard you can stand right up. No crawling out let me know if you buy one