Friday, April 30, 2010

The BIG Commute

Once or twice a year I get the opportunity to take commuting to a whole different level from normal. I get the opportunity to trade in my one mile commute for a 67 mile commute. I work at the Howard Wood Dakota Relays in Sioux Falls and for the State Track Meet when it's in Sioux Falls. Today was one of those beauty days for the commute with WSW wind around 10 mph. My ankle is still giving me a hard time (more on that in a long detailed post soon) but I managed to hammer out a little better than 22 mph average.

I'm not exactly sure how my brethren from Sioux Falls handle in town travel. There sure isn't much respect for you on the streets. Oh yeah, and to the redneck in the beat up truck with a cigarette hanging from his mouth who yelled "get the f**k off the road" on the corner of Marion/12th street, I'd be glad to sit down and discuss the rules of the road with you. If that doesn't work, I'm okay with a good old fashioned throw down as well.


caheidelberger said...

67 miles! Friendly wind! Magnificent! Cranktastic!

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Dude! You were flyin'
I just remember Verm back in the day being so widny... Way to go!

Cheers! Bruce

Tina Hart said...

I am so floored by your 800 day streak. Blows my mind. I'm so impressed.